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Fri, Oct. 29th, 2004, 11:16 am
Friday Fest and the night before.

Today, will be the day that the exchange students from Japan will be doing Friday Fest here at UNCG. What is Friday Fest? Friday fest is occurs every friday and a different country talks about there homeland and shares their culture and food with the students and guest that attend. It's really a lot of fun because you get to meet and see interesting people and talk about everything that is happening around you. You learn so much there because they usually talk about all of the typical steriotypes that are either true about their country or in most cases false.

This week like I said the guest host is Japan and before the main event took place, both me and my roommate Christine went to our friend Miki's apartment at Tower Village and helped the students make food for the event. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I did have a heck of a lot of fun. It helped my Japanese because I could talk to them and surprisingly still understand a lot of the conversations that where going on around me. The food that we made was called onigiri or rice balls with filling inside which either consisted of tunafish, fishflakes, or sour plum. I personaly prefered the tuna, the fishflakes which were marinated with soy sauce was also good too, but I wasn't able to get the plum version. All of the rice balls were eaten by the time I got the one that I did get. ;_;. Oh well, at least I learned how to make it. But the one thing that I do know is that you must make them as the rice is steaming hot. >.< My hands were burning by the time that we finished making all of the balls. Which were basically over a hundred of them.

Unfortunately, I was unable to go to the actually event the next day, due to my bose calling me into work for JC Penny photo studio. I really wanted to go and have fun with everyone. But there will be other moments and other times where I will have chances to enjoy hanging out my international friends. I also hope that my roommate took pictures for me. If so I will try to find a way to post the pictures here. I haven't yet figured out how to do that.

I will update again as soon as I can.


Fri, Sep. 24th, 2004, 11:30 am
Long, overdue update

Hey everyone,

I hope that all is doing well during this massive hurricane season. I know that we are under watch for at least another hurricane or some other, . . . I really wish that they would stop because it's really getting annoying. *sigh* Anyway I have been under a lot of pressure to finish a lot of my art projects for my Letters, Signs and Symbols; Photography, Independent Study, and 3D Design classes. They have been due back to back which is why I have had a lot of trouble keeping up my journals as much as I would have liked too. Sorry about that. I will try to get better at managing my time.

Anyway, I am not sure if I have meantioned this or not, but some of the girls that me and my roommate studied with are here from Nara. ^-^ I'm really happy about that because I really like talking to them in the remaining Japanese that I can still remember. A lot of times I am having a lot of trouble remembering the Japanese that I did hone one and polished while in Nara. Now that I am back in America my speaking is extremely rusty and I really feel bad about it. I hope to have time to study more and speak more so that I will not loose everything that I have learned.

Also I was thinking that I was going to have major culture shock, but I really don't think that it has hit me yet. I can see it affecting my roommate a lot of times so maybe she is having the culture shock for the both of us. I guess in a way I have been extremely lucky for not. Anyway, I guess that that's all that I have to talk about for now. I was thinking I was going to have more to say, but nothing much has happened besides the massive hurricanes, flashfloods and tornados that have been affecting the east coast. But, I'm going to leave that for another day.

Fri, Aug. 20th, 2004, 09:03 am
Gettng over jetlag.

Hey everyone,

It's me again. ^-^ Not sure who is actually reading my online journal entries but I have to apologize. I am still settling into my dorm here in UNCG and am also trying to fix my computer which now has a/or some viruses it. ;.; I really am hoping that I do not loose all of my information that I put on it. A lot of art work will be ruined if I have to erase my entire hard drive. So here is a little warning for you out there that have Mirosoft XP Home edition and are trying to upgrade to the XP Pro edition, please SAVE YOUR WORK AND TRY TO CHECK FOR ALL VIRUSES!!!!! You will be surprised at what will happen to you if you do not do this. Well to make a long story short my computer is now looping in the installation phase and will not go to anything else.

Besides that I am doing fine. I am living in the international hall for UNCG and have met a lot of interesting people from many forgein countries. Some that I have talked to are from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France and some of them have come from Nara Women's University as well. ^-^ I am so happy to see them again. It really felt like only yesterday that I had left from there and now I get to see familiar faces again. I even got to see familiar faces from UNCG. I thought that a lot of my friends would have gradutated by now but many are still here. So I really don't feel bad anymore for being a 5th year senior.

There is going to be an international party for all returning exchange students but it is going to happen durning my classes. ;.; I hope that they will have another party on Tuesdays where I have more free time. But at least I bought this cool camera that is both manual and automatic for my photography class. I can't wait to start producing pictures with it. But all in all I am having an okay week.

See you later,

Tue, Jul. 13th, 2004, 09:21 pm
A little over a week . . .

. . . and I will be home. -_-;; I really don't know if this is either a good thing or a bad thing per say. I definately will miss Japan and all, but for some reason I really don't feel sad for leaving. I have had a lot of great memories here and will miss all of the friends that I made, but I know in my heart that I will return back here soon. It not like it's the end of the world anyway. ^-^

I have too many friends to keep me away from this place, . . . even some from Korea that I want to see again. I also know that I will be going to Germany after I graduate from college this coming summer and I will be shooting for my dream of becoming a mangaka and going to graduate school the following fall to learn more about computer animation and character designing. I have a lot to hope for in the future and so much that I wish to see still. Anyway, I wish everyone including myself the best of luck in the future and all.

I will have to get ready and finish my final year at UNCG with only three weeks of rest to spare. . . . god help me -_-;; But I do not regret anything and am happy to have had this experience. I hope that others like me can experience this as well.

Now I'm going to bed. Night everyone. ^o^

Thu, Jul. 8th, 2004, 01:36 pm
To many parties

I am so glad that all of my teachers and the students are happily throwing me and Christine a going away party, but I wish that there wasn't so many of them to go to. >< Okay, so maybe three parties isn't exactly a large massive number to you, but they all seem to want to come at me at the same time that all of my exams are due. *pouts* Anyway, I am excited on going to them to chat and talk to all of the people that I hardly even talk to and to tell them how much I enjoyed coming to Japan to study and all. . . I just wish that all the parties didn't cost like 3000¥ to go to. (3000¥ is about $30 for people who do not know Japanese currency) And yes, I have to pay that much for almost all of them. So that's a lot of money out of my pocket that I wasn't even expecting to leave my pocket, ya know what I mean.

And to top it off, you Japanese people are starting to piss me off!!! -_-;; (Except for Japanese friends who are the exectional few and you know who you are.) Let me explain, you see why is it, that people in Japan always tell you that you have to go somewhere important AT THE LAST GOD DAMN MINUTE!!!! Then they look at you like you did something wrong when you tell them that you have other plans, when they were the ones who should have done something curtious as . . ., I don't know, tell you about this A WEEK OR TWO IN ADVANCE!!!

Okay so they did tell me in advance, mind you that I have essays and exams to finish at the exact same time as these parties upon which I have to go to, and mind you, I have to pay 3000¥ for.

^__________________________^ I simply love Japan, don't you

Sun, Jul. 4th, 2004, 01:34 pm
Happy 4th and Still working on Reports. -_-;;

Nothing much has happened for me lately besides the usual studying and working on art works on Deviantart. So I can't really write much today. I have to read the Japanese version of Saiyuki for my Chinese Lit class that I am not looking forward to writing the 4000 character Japanese report on. -_-;; I really wish that my report could have been a lot easier. *sighs* Anyway because of this massive report I haven't gone anywhere besides to class and back. So, check back next week. ^-^


And before I forget again, . . . have a happy 4th everyone

Tue, Jun. 29th, 2004, 01:33 pm
Projects and Reports

Is it just me or does everything seem to stack up against you when you least expect it? Well I have to prepare to write my reports for my classes soon. And they are more than 5 in total. *sighs and shakes head*

Lately it seens that I have been running around so much that I don't know if I am either coming or going. Anyway one thing is certain, I have to get started on these reports that are almost due. So I will post again next week. So see you later.

Sun, Jun. 20th, 2004, 01:30 pm
No Zoo, ;.; But I am still proud of my art

I really wanted to go back to the Osaka Zoo again with Chris today. ;.; but I'm really having trouble fighting my cold. This really sucks because right now is the begining of Golden Week here in Japan. The National holiday were everyone has a week of and I, am stuck in my room because I have a cold. *sighs* life is not fair at times is it. But at least I can be productive instead of unfroductive and work on my journals and art prodjects. *smiles the life of an artist is oh so fun* And I don't mean it in a sarcastic way either.

You see, I've been working on the full metal Alchemist fan art pic for Nayami-chan and realized how perverted i can be while sick. *shrugs* Hey, what ever happens right. But, seriously everytime, I draw something, I feel a surge of creativity and it gets me moving. I become more deturmined to draw what I love and that is manga. So I practice very hard and after 8 months I have come oh so far. I'm very proud of myself actually. So I wonder how I will be like in 8 more months. Will I change a lot or will it be the same or will my works be more creative. I really hope that it will get more creative and interesting.

Well, that's it for now. Until next post.

Sat, Jun. 12th, 2004, 01:29 pm
Sick, . . .still

Sorry to say, but I'm not feeling well, so I have not been doing anything but studying my Japanese and working on pics for my deviantart web site. I hope that I will get better soon. See you next time. I'm going to drink more orange juice then head for bed. ;.; *waves*

Thu, Jun. 3rd, 2004, 01:28 pm
Still Sick

I still have a bad cold. I guess that it must be the darn change of weather. *sighs* this happens to me all the time around this time of year. I'm taking medicine and it helps, but still I'm just tired of not feeling 100% you know? *shakes head* anyway see you tomorrow. *waves*

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